Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iko in conversation

M/P= Mama or Papa; I=Iko

M/P: What is your name?
I : Ito (red Iko)
M/P: How old are you?
I : Wan (red One)
M/P: How are you today?
I : Fain (red fine)
M/P: Where do you live?
I : Keten (red Clayton)
M/P: What is your papa's name?
I : Do (or sometimes "papa" hihi)
M/P: What is your mama's name?
I : Tije (or sometimes "mama" hihi)

I : Ma/Pa, Chis (red chese)
M/P: Ok, but you should ask nicely
I : Ma/Pa, ask (??hihi)
M/P: No, you should use the magic word
I : Ma/Pa, Chis pis (red Cheese Please)
M/P: Good boy. Please wait and be patient, ok
I : Weit, Pesien (red Wait (and) Patient)
After he received cheese
M/P: What do you say?
I : Teteng (red thank you)
M/P: You are welcome
I : Wekam (red Welcome)
M/P: ???

M/P: Iko, why you dont wanna dress up?
I :
M/P: Why no?
I : Ay do now (red I dont know)
M/P: !!??xz756

M/P: Iko, please dont climb up the stair!
I : Hati-hati ( carefull in bahasa)
M/P: You knew it already
I : Hati-hati, monu (fall down in Tetun), huhuhu (show like crying)
M/P: Ya, that is why, dont climb up the stair please!
I : (and keep on climbing)
M/P: xsbzhd%#^^###

Iko is crying
M/P: Iko, please dont cry!
Iko is still crying
M/P: Iko, Are you happy?
I : (stop crying) hepi (cry again)
M/P: :)


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