Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meet Steffi, My Godmother

Wednesday, 23 July 2008- Steffi (my (Iko) Godmother) visited us on her way to Washington DC. It was very nice to meet her again as when we left Dili 3 months ago, we never know when we will meet her again as Steffi will be also leaving Dili soon after we leave.

It was an exciting meeting, yet it’s an important meeting too. This is the first time, I am fully under Mum and Dad’s care.. so, they need to ‘show’ to my godmother that I am well and sound hehe.. Since the night before they’re busy preparing my clothes, remind me of all the lessons they’ve taught me (i.e. say good morning, hello, etc) and keep telling me that we’re going to meet my godmother.. we couldn’t sleep that night as we’re looking forward to meet Steffi..

As the result, we’re 1 hour late hehe.. Dad said it was the bus and train but I know bus and train have a regular fixed schedule so it must be them.. no.. don’t look at me, especially after Steffi called!!! In the train, to fix our first bad impression, Dad decided that we will meet Steffi at the bridge close to the Flinders St. Station, which is, according to Dad, close to Langham Hotel where Steffi stayed and it has some romantics effect or something like that.. but he forgot that there are two bridges.. both close to the station and the hotel…

Well, finally after some calls and re-arrangement we met. Thanks God!
Steffi looked tired, she said she was busy saying goodbye to friends in Dili in the last 1 week and so she decided to take some times off before heading back to WDC.. That’s very good for her.

First thing first, I got my present and early birthday and Christmas gift. Lovely!! Dad then busy convincing Mum about helping Steffi reducing her cigarettes by smoking one or two sticks.. they’re hiding on the corner and Mum took me away for a walk hehe.. I know they just don’t want me to see that and keep me away from the cigarettes and stuff. Dad then tried to take pictures using Steffi's camera.. I know that he's longing for that moment and as he touched that camera, I can tell you right now that I've never seen such a big smile on his face like that.. he's so happy hehe..

It was a good sun-shining day. Really beautiful. But it was cold too. After lunch at Nando’s and walking around and took some pictures, we (they actually, as I am going wherever they go..) decided to sit in front of the State Library. They talk and I play. I was playing “going up and down” the stairs when a young beautiful Chinese girl pointed at me. She and two of her friends got excited at me and I was scared. But they looked so nice, so I decided to sit next to them while their other friend took pictures. I know Dad was watching me, so I wasn’t too worry.. Well, after all, people loves cute boy like me hehe.. Sorry Dad, you’ve got Mum haha..

It was getting cold, especially for Steffi as she didn’t put on any winter clothes. So after 5pm, we decided to go home and also Dad need to attend his 6pm class. It was sad to bid farewell to Steffi, but I am sure we’ll meet again. Auf Wiedersehen!


Steffi August 13, 2008 at 1:22 AM  

Thank you Nicholas for the great story about my visit! You are a very observant kid!! But of course I knew that you are smart!! :-) With those parents you got to be!! It was great hanging out with all of you and see you soon. Hey, and you even learned some German!! Auf Wiedersehen und bis bald! Your god mother Steffi

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